Transportation and Parking Info

Note that we are anticipating heavy traffic congestion at Grand and Bellevue due to the ongoing construction work. If you are dropping off equipment or people, we ask that you do so at Perkins and Bellevue if possible. If you are attending the festival, please make use of BART and our free Dragon Boat Shuttles. This will help minimize traffic delays. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

BART + Free Dragon Boat Festival Shuttle

Take BART to the 12th Street BART station and take our free Dragon Boat Festival Shuttle. The BART Dragon Boat Festival Shuttle stop is located on 10th and Broadway, Oakland, CA by the Oakland Marriott City Center. Do not go to the Lake Merritt BART station, as it is not close to the race site.

BART + Walk.

Take BART to the 19th Street BART station and walk about 20 minutes to the Dragon Boat Festival. The address to use for walking directions is the Lake Merritt Boating Center, 568 Bellevue Ave, Oakland, CA 94610.


Park in the designated Dragon Boat Festival Public Parking Garage at a special rate of $5 (cash only) all day and take our free Dragon Boat Festival Shuttle that runs every 15 minutes to and from Lake Merritt. The Dragon Boat Festival Public Parking Garage is located at Kaiser Center Parking Garage on 300 Lakeside Dr, Oakland, CA 94612.

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